Al Rafidain Multinational Faris Conference SRL

Executives / Shareholders

Luis Cupenala

Executive Chairman
Mr. Luis Cupenala co-founded Bongani in 1998 after leaving Group Valentim Amões (GVA), where he was the Group CEO. As the CEO of GVA, Luis was responsible for rebuilding it into the largest group of companies in Angola after most of its assets were destroyed during the civil war in Angola. He grew the company from 40 to 1 000 men group with operations in gaming, property, tourism, timber and transportation. His career with GVA spanned 14 years. He holds a degree in telecommunications, and an MBA degree from MANCOSA.

Dr. Teddy De Almeida

Group CEO
Dr. Teddy De Almeida is the current president of the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce. Prior to forming Bongani, Dr. Teddy was the CEO and managing director of GVA South Africa. He was also a CEO of Consolidated Trading Services and a Managing Director of Transanglo Import and Export. He holds an MBA degree from MANCOSA, Doctor of Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary (USA). He sits on various boards of companies, he has travels extensively around the globe for workshops and speaking engagements. He has met various heads of states and attends numerous summits. Dr. Teddy is also a Pastor at Alleluia Ministries.